Remember exactly what it looked like when you were a youngster and wanted something? What did you do? I am willing to wager that you merely asked for it. If you have young children presently like I do, I’m sure you know what I am talking about; “Daddy I want that” or “I need that” or “Mine”.  They don’t create barriers in their head before they just simply ask for it.  And what do you know, more often than not, they obtain exactly what they request.

Why is it that as adults, we fail to remember to request exactly what we choose or need? Is it that because when we were children, we inquired and were told “No you just can’t have that?” Is it because we are merely scared that we will be advised NO?
In many of my sessions with clients I ask the high achievers what’s the secret to their success.  Is simply because they were asking for the business, or was it due to the fact that they had a systematic process for getting the sale?  The answer is both.

For anyone that has read the book or seen the movie ‘The Secret’, even though it might be a little repetitive for some, it has a very strong message.  The message is simple and it’s all about the power of attraction.  If we believe something will happen to us….it will.  Have you ever been in a sales meeting when a contest is launched and someone yells out “That prize is mine!” For the people that honestly believe it to be true, isn’t amazing that more often than not it becomes their reality?

Let’s look at this in other areas of our life.  Relationships, goals, success, are these not points that we must declare to make them transpire?  Can we be with the girl or guy of our dreams if we do not use our voice and let them know that we would like to be with them? Of course not! Can we get assistance from a person that can help us if we do not ask for it? Of course not!
Have you ever voiced something out loud and it actually came true? I wager if you consider it, you probably have.  If you haven’t tried it yet, give it a shot and you’ll be amazed at the results. Start making use of the ability of your mind in combination with the power of the spoken word to start acquiring more of exactly what you desire. I know that it seems odd, yet what do you have to lose? Not a thing.

I have a ton of stories to support this however I leave you with just one.  Jim Carrey stood at the top of Hollywood and yelled out loud that in 10 years from that point he will be making 10 million dollars a film.  He did this weekly and what do you know 9.5 years later he made Ace Ventura.  Coincidence…give it a try and see what happens.

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Stu Robb
President & CEO
Dynamic Strategy Group