Direct sales encouragements come in countless types, from cash perks for selling a volume of a particular product, or gift cards for hitting the monthly sales quota.  A couple of these direct sales enticements do not have an instant cash worth, but have the attention for company-wide acknowledgment for that day, quarter or year, with perhaps an end of year bonus.


The major questions might well be: Just what is the greatest direct sales incentive? What direct sales stimulation will assist companies make their finest as well as most productive representatives? The answer to these inquiries is not extensive, every company has to examine their personnel and produce a direct sales stimulation that is geared to their desires and their drivers. A good direct sales enticement is not automatically the one with the biggest money worth, unless of course that is the driving force that gets your reps/agents going.


There are companies that have definitely survived on direct sales enticements that simply deliver certificates or letters of acceptance and also perhaps even acceptance at big company meetings or parties at the end of the year. This might not sound like a lot, but if recognition for a task well done is what your individuals need, at that point that will certainly be the direct sales stimulation that will definitely work in your establishment. Many times we see businesses with plaques showing the rep of the quarter or month, or sales revenue boards showing who has brought in the most revenue for a particular period of time. These are the direct sales encouragements that have no financial value, but some employees are rather pleased when they see people reading their plaques, they understand that they are being recognized by the company and by their colleagues.


In order to truly produce a successful direct sales stimulation plan you truly do have to realize your staff. Exactly what will encourage personnel to strengthen performance? Just what will the direct sales incentives or tools cost the company? Exactly what is the value that these direct sales motivations bring to the performance-increase forecasted for the organization? What sorts of direct sales encouragements will stimulate individuals to fulfill the set performance goals? The answers to these varieties of questions may help assess your sales teams and have you to create a tactic that will certainly be most beneficial to your company. It is even crucial to enable the workers an option to add their ideas to just what they value as a direct sales encouragement. This will certainly give them a better sense of duty, and also sense of value.


For anyone that has taken a personality profiling assessment, you will know that there are several types of personalities that all care about different things.  Frequently we help companies, using the DiSC® Assessment Tool, understand what motivates each individual rep or employee.  As an example, a ‘D’ sales person does not necessarily need the visual recognition of having their name on the wall as much as an ‘I’ sales person would.  They might just want cash valued recognition.


There is such a selection of opportunities in reference to exactly what you may supply as direct sales motivation. The biggest point to remember is that the most important direct sales motivation is real acceptance for a task well done that can mean different things for different personalities.

At Dynamic Strategy Group we work with companies who are looking to maximize their Return On Sales in order to grow revenue. We work with sales teams in all verticals focused in both the B2B and B2C markets. Our proven methodology with the combination of collaboration and sales fundamentals will provide your company with a sustainable sales process with measurable results.

Stu Robb
President & CEO
Dynamic Strategy Group