How many times has it happened to you? You’re working at your company waiting for a sales person to come in for a meeting and here he comes – perfectly groomed with a smile planted from cheek to cheek. Within 30 seconds he has actually conversed non-stop about his product or service as well as guaranteed you every little thing, including the kitchen sink if you buy his stuff. You raise a brow, and also believe to you … “Yeah, right!”

The distrust between client or buyer and sales representative is a historical emotion. After all, you know they are wanting to make a buck off your buy. Sure, you do not mind them making a couple dollars … everyone needs to make a living … but heck, it would certainly be wonderful if they were at the very least a bit of interested in your needs also!

Let’s face it … clients aren’t likely to purchase anything from you unless they feel confident that you will certainly deliver. There are a couple easy tips that you could take to give them the assurance they should take the plunge.

1. Have Previous Clients Say It For You
The proof is in the pudding… No one could say it better and also make good on your claims like a pleased client. It pays to make use of clients recommendations.
Decide on testimonials that are specific and also mention particular points of your company. “Thank you for your hard work!” is terrific, but “Thank you for devoting 2 hrs with me recently. Your individual attention was well appreciated” states a lot more. The follower understands that you are willing to take whatever time it takes to assist them via the decision process.

Ensure to get your client’s permission to use their testimonial for your purposes as either part of a marketing campaign or simply part of your sales process. While you’re at it, have as much private info concerning them as you can. Their occupation, city, etc., develop an even more truthful interest to their reference.

2. Be Specific In Your Claims
Particular claims are much more credible than vague, generic brags. “Order today! It’s Fast, Easy as well as we are able to save your around 20 %!” Sounds much better when you state … “We worked with company ABC down the street and were able to save them 18.4 % from their current process today. I’m not sure if we can do the exact same for you, but after some more analysis on your current state, I might have a greater concept of exactly what the savings can look like for your company.”

1. Be Realistic Don’t push away clients with claims that sound too great to be real. Yeah, we all realize the old saying that if it appears too good to be true, it probably is. Outlandish claims diminish your credibility and also leave the customers with possibly concerns.

Think about it this way … what if you do underrate the benefits? When your customer finds out the reality, he’ll simply be more content! Marketers recommend that you under promise and over deliver to develop the greatest consumer satisfaction. I’m not saying you should always do that, because in some situations this might out price you from the competition, but it’s something to think about.

Clients who believe in you typically aren’t worried to buy from you. In turn that implies greater sales amounts and also better profit.

At Dynamic Strategy Group we work with companies who are looking to maximize their Return On Sales in order to grow revenue. We work with sales teams in all verticals focused in both the B2B and B2C markets. Our proven methodology with the combination of collaboration and sales fundamentals will provide your company with a sustainable sales process with measurable results.

Stu Robb
President & CEO
Dynamic Strategy Group