Consider the last time you heard the phrase “He’s a born salesperson!”? This proposes that there are some individuals that are more inclined to being effective at sales than others. These people go out the door, stretch out their arms, and contracts simply come out of the sky because they have the luck of the Irish. I will agree that some people are in fact born salespeople. They have the character, charisma, and confidence that it takes as well as individuals are normally attracted to them. Yet can you only prosper in sales if you are just one of these individuals?

The answer that that question is a definite “NO!”. The fact is that the majority of people that succeed at sales do not all fit this mould. Many individuals who are successful really have numerous other things helping them instead of only being the centre of attention and also the life of the function when they show up. The truth is that a methodical sales representative will definitely defeat a natural born sales representative, any time of the week.

A salesperson with a system is much more successful due to the fact that if you break sales down into a systematic process, the chances of moving a sales cycle to the next step without missing pivotal points from the customer increases dramatically. Born salespeople usually tend to be more of the ‘fly by the seat of their pants’ sort and they mainly live off referrals or existing business from people they want to work with. Sure, numerous effective salespeople ask for referrals, yet there is nothing systematic about it at all. They might bring it up, they may not. It is dependent on whether they think of it. A sales representative with a system literally has a procedure for anything so it’s consistent. They succeed at getting quality prospects into the funnel and taking them through a process until they switch into customers. They have a process for extracting unqualified prospects, placing customers on follow-up campaigns based upon the condition, and also for asking for referrals or endorsements. While the born salesperson could win at converting even more prospects into clients because of their personality, the methodical sales representative will definitely do a better job at bringing more qualified leads in to the sales funnel. They will then leverage the brand-new customers in a methodical method to ensure they may acquire even more recommendations from those customers.

Therefore do not agonize if you usually aren’t as charming as the next dude. The key is to know the ideal process to switch prospects into customers, follow the process, and then get recommendations or referrals. Sales is about numbers, no matter what sales instructors tell you. By understanding your metrics and understanding what are the most effective ways to obtain a customer, you can easily setup your system so you always have a steady and full pipeline. Why depend on your grace, when you are able to count on your brain!

At Dynamic Strategy Group we work with companies who are looking to maximize their Return On Sales in order to grow revenue. We work with sales teams in all verticals focused in both the B2B and B2C markets. Our proven methodology with the combination of collaboration and sales fundamentals will provide your company with a sustainable sales process with measurable results.

Stu Robb
President & CEO
Dynamic Strategy Group