Transform Your Sales Organization Into an Efficient Consistent Engine

Dynamic Strategy Group offer a wealth of services for clients ranging from small entrepreneurial companies to large Enterprise companies. Together we develop customized focused sales programs with measurable results.

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Company Profile

The Success of Dynamic Strategy Group has come from years of listening to customers and understanding that one-size does not fit all.  The foundation of our methodology is that sustainable sales teams are built with a combination of our unique collaborative  process and current relevant world class sales fundamentals.  With this combination we have been able to help our clients develop long-lasting programs with measurable results.  


• Assessment Services

• Sales Process Consulting

• Customized Sales Training

• Sales Management Coaching and Training

• Executive Coaching

• Sales Process Integration to your  CRM

• Virtual Management of Sales

• Mindset Training

• Go-To-Market Strategic Program

• Learning Management Systems (LMS)

Challenges Solved...

• no defined customer Value Statement

• do not have a unique repeatable sales process

• no clear targets and goals for each team member

• sales leadership does not use a well-defined consistent management process

• sales forecasts are not meaningful and consistent

• sales structure is not aligned to go-to-market strategy

• compensation plan does not motivate or drive the right behaviour

• high turnover rate and long term members are not on plan

• no on-line Learning Management System